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There Will Almost Certainly be More Taylor to Come

July 28, 2011
Posted at 7:03 pm

Hi Friends,

For all who read this, and have commented on wanting more Taylor, allow me to reiterate the comment I put at the end of the story (which apparently nobody reads ;-)

I had so much fun with Taylor and all the characters in this story that I don't think I can help but write more about them. I have a bunch of ideas for what's next, so Taylor should be cumming again soon ;-)

Sort of related to that thought, several people have told me that the ending felt abrupt (and that they wished they could read more, hence my comment that nobody reads the end notes ;-) These characters were just moving along so well for me that if I hadn't brought some fairly logical conclusion, they would have gone on finding new ways to hook-up for many more chapters. And Taylor was already the longest story I had ever written.

So, I decided to bring this one to a close (hope it wasn't too terribly abrupt for folks) and save future encounters and explorations for more stories, which I'll put into a Taylor universe.

So there... Thanks Friends!