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Alex's telepathy

July 28, 2011
Posted at 3:16 pm

Got the following reply, which is hardly unusual as I've gotten many questions like this. I've addressed it once or twice, and it's buried in the story somewhere, but it isn't clear.

> Stupid question...
> If Alex has ESP with his Seers, why doesn't he
> just contact his "lost one"? I haven't understood
> that from the first time I read it. Can you
> explain it to me? Please?
> Other then that, it is a good story, and I enjoy
> watching Alex tap dance through all his "fun"
> situations! LOL

My response follows:

Ah, it's not so stupid, just not as simple as it would appear. Alex doesn't just magically talk to people, he sends thoughts to specific people. In order to do that, he has to know who he is talking to. Think of it as having the psychic telephone number to call. That's part of what happens when he first connects with someone. He somehow reaches out and figures out who they are. Apparently Alex didn't have enough time when he first encountered his 'lost girl' to be able to do that.

Even though he recently boosted his powers so he can talk to multiple people at once, it's still a matter of knowing who to communicate with. He can select any number of people to talk to, but he can't communicate with someone he doesn't know. It's like he's got an address book of everyone he knows. He can choose "Call everyone", or any subset of people, but he can't call anyone he doesn't know, simply because there would be no way to put the call through.

Overall it's a handy system and easy to use, you just think of who you want, but it does have it's limitations. Beyond that, as far as the other things he transmits (emotions, feelings, images, etc.) he has no idea what might "leak out". So far no one has come up to him and told him they've received anything, so it's thought it's a very secure system in that only those activated can receive anything, and only those addressed hear anything specific.

Hope that clears things up a little.