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July 26, 2011
Posted at 7:01 pm

I am Navy SEAL. I am Samauri.

The warrior! The warrior! In some of us lay the seeds of the warrior. In me it is strong. I am Chandra. I am Samurai!

In the classroom. In sports. In business. Competition. I win all the time. It's too easy. There's no honor. There's no risk. I need more. I want to be tested. I need to be tested. The score of athletic competition has no balls. When your life is on the line, along with that of your comrades. That has balls! When the blood runs red from your body. That's when you know you're alive.

The warrior. Brave. Noble. Honorable. Samurai means, "To serve". To serve my country. To kill or be killed. To be tested against the enemy.

To hone my body and my mind and my soul. To taste the blood of our enemies from my knife.

To honor my country and serve with my brothers and sisters in covert operations in foreign countries, under hostile and lethal conditions. Adrenalin. To know you're alive!

To be Navy SEAL. Only then will I be tested. Only then will I be Warrior! To be Samurai!