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July 25, 2011
Posted at 5:50 pm

And thus, with the uploading of chapter seven (now waiting in the queue), A Mutual Understanding concludes. I hope you enjoyed the tale. I apoligise for not being able to upload the final chapters earlier - I was up talking with my dearest and best friend until 4am… the subject of which could well provide the genesis of another story.

I'd like to thank everyone who expressed their support by voting and (most especially) writing: the story would have been far poorer without your suggestions, corrections and encouragement. A Mutual Understanding entered the "Top 20 Ongoing Stories" category on SOL two days ago, an achievement rare for a first-time author, and one for which I am especially proud.

I agree with the expressed thought of many that stories can go on far too long, with the all-too-common result that writers begin to seem increasingly lost within their own creation. (*cough*). I've deliberately closed the story of Mike, Cindy and Katy at this pleasant juncture, and have no immediate plans to rejoin their lives: there are plenty of other stories in my writer's trunk that I wish to flesh out and share before I consider returning to them.

I am about to leave on vacation; when I arrive back, I'll add a lightly edited and corrected version of the story, and move on to the next, unrelated tale.