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If you had a Story making machine...

July 24, 2011
Posted at 10:03 pm

It would be nice if they had a message board here where people could reply and feed off each other's response.

In Lieu of that, let me ask a question:

What if you had a Story Making Machine?

With the advances of computers, it probably isn't that far off.

You could tell it:

How many chapters do you want in a story?

If you like em short and sweet, or you want something that will take you on an epic journey as you watch the main characters evolve and grow.

What are the main themes of the story?

Betrayal, Revenge, Adventure, Straight up sex, what does it include?

Now imagine if you had a story making machine and it only worked if you picked characters from fiction that already existed.

You could pick historical characters. Abraham Lincoln or Julius Caesar.

You could pick television characters. The cast of Glee.

You could pick celebrities. OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony or Tiger Woods and Brittany Spears for instance.

I would ask what characters would you pick (and why) and give your story making machine a general premise?

"What if someone captured OJ and Casey and made them work as sex slaves in a mexican prison." or "Gilligan's island orgy"

What would be your absolute FAVORITE story premise and why?