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July 22, 2011
Posted at 7:07 pm

Movie reviews from the tropics

First, a wink and a nod to my friend Jackie J. When it's 98d and 95% humidity here in south Florida, we are reminded why God invented beaches and offshore breezes. But don't ask people who live in Orlando. Eww.

Now, as a public service to my loyal readers of fun stroke stories and as a diversion from all that stroking, I've caught up on some really good movies recently and I thought I share my thoughts on them. They're all available on Blu Ray.

Alice In Wonderland: I was blown away. I've watched it over and over. Just spectacular. Rivaled Avatar in CGI/real film quality and imagination. Wonderful script, wonderfully acted. Couldn't figure out the White Queen, though. Something weird with her. Johnny Depp was a logical choice as the Mad Hatter and he didn't disappoint, being madder than ever. At first I thought Mia Wasikowska was a strange choice for Alice but the more I watched it, the more perfect she became. And she had quite a year last year, because she was also in

The Kids Are Alright: What a delightful, unusual relationship film. Annette Benning gave an emotional, nuanced performance as the lesbian head of her family. She's such a fine actress. Not many roles for good actresses who are getting older. Mark Ruffalo was spot on in his role as lonely dork looking for a family of his own, although he might have overplayed it just a little, as I could see through him from the 1st scene. Or maybe that was to his credit. Great facial expressions. What a resume he has. Totally a chick flick.

Inception: I love so many of Leonard DiCaprio's movies. But I'm not sure if it's him or if his best talent is in picking good projects. I've read they didn't use CGI for those effects. I'm going to have to get the DVD (I recorded it from TV) to find out how they did those scenes. Unbelievable. However, I have better things to do than spend hours in chat rooms discussing who was dreaming what dream and what it all meant. It was a fascinating, original sci fi take on the mind.

Last of the Mohicans: Adapted from the historical novel by James Fenimore Cooper about the French an Indian War of 1757. I know this movie has been out for years but I just recently caught up with it. I can't imagine a film done any better. It was perfect. Incredibly dramatic and realistic. I winced with every musket bullet and tomahawk impact. Ouch! Daniel Day Lewis is the best actor currently working. Period. And that includes Meryl Streep, who I love dearly. And he is such a fucking hunk! Loved him in Gangs of New York, one of the most powerful performances of any kind I've ever seen, ever.

The Last Samurai: Another old film and I've seen it before and I love it and recently caught it in HD. OK, Tom Cruise isn't an actor...he's a movie star. But he's another one who picks good, crowd-pleasing projects. I'm a sucker for films about bravery and honor and the Samurai typify bravery and honor. OK, the plot is predictable and a little corny and it's manipulative and it gets a little sappy but like a lot of his films, I loved the way they did predictable, corny, manipulative and sappy. Ken Watanabe, who played Lord Katsumato, can play hide the Samurai with me any day. Rrrrrr.

Game of Thrones: Not a movie but in quality, acting, directing, writing, scope, sets, realism, imagination....the most spectacular TV series EVER! HBO raised the bar with Rome a few years ago and raised it again with Game of Thrones. It makes TV dramas like Lost or Mad Men look like interesting diversions. The 1st season is over but HBO will be showing reruns all year until season 2 next winter. If you haven't watched it, it has to be seen in sequence or you won't understand it. It took my breath away and often left me with my mouth hanging open in disbelief. The most amazing TV screen writing in maybe EVER. Unbelievably, and staying true to the RR Martin book, the hero and poster boy for the series, was killed off in the 9th episode. It's never happened in the history of television. What balls!

Anyway, hope y'all staying cool during this summer heat wave. Go to an air conditioned movie theater near you. Spend money. Your country needs you.

Chillin' on the beach,