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If you don't see Family Feud III in updates

July 20, 2011
Posted at 9:47 pm

It could be that you haven't turned on your access settings.

I have a very detailed series of stories (Family Fued I, II and III). In the latest story, the girls of the house have agreed to be kept as 'slaves' for two weeks as payback for a betrayal of the men.

I think it is the best writing I've ever done. It is literally a labor of love.

If you can't see it, it may be due to access settings.
If you click "my account" in the far right hand of the screen. Then you go down to the middle of the page to "Access settings" and put it on full, you should see my story (and others).

Because of mature themes, you should familiarize yourself with what that means and if you are legally able to view those stories where you are.To me, it is just words on a page of stories that only exist in our imaginations. We will no more act upon them, then we will go kill a bunch of girls in a soriority house after watching a slasher film.

At least I hope not. Anyone that crazy won't likely listen to warnings about content anyway.