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Would it be interesting to read my comments?

July 19, 2011
Posted at 10:34 pm

When you buy the Blu-Ray to a movie, you expect there to be a version with the producer/director and actor's comments about the story.

"Okay, we almost left this part out, but then Steve said leave it in."

I've spent a lot of time contemplating my Family Feud series. Today I wrote Chapter 21, but only after extensive introspection.

Would it help anyone if I made a Chapter summary and then put a few sentences about what troubled me about the chapter or my thoughts about it?

As an example, with Chapter 21 what I perceive as a tense exchange between one of the main characters and someone she detests isnt what some men might.

The feedback I received was that I hadn't given the internal conflict happening in Wendy's head due justice. It had been happening in my head as I wrote it, and so I apparently left it out.

That is good feedback and something I'd discuss in the commentary. How I went back and revisited it, tweaked it a little to try to express that better.

Talk about the chapters that made me particularly aroused writing them. (One in particular springs to my mind) that left my gasping for air and sweaty. Then others that I thought helped add to the story and set the foundation for things to come, etc.

Let me know if you think anyone would enjoy reading my 'author's commentary'?