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July 15, 2011
Posted at 4:15 pm

Thank you. I think we've turned the corner

My latest story, after my short break, "It's Alright Daddy....I Understand", I feel has been pretty well received. So thank you....I appreciate this a lot. It was my most popular download ever, getting some 3500 hits in it's first week and was even the #1 new story of the week for a single day. (Can't compete with Wayne.)

Since the theme...teenage girl takes care of her widowed dad...isn't a stretch, I have to think you wanted to read the story because it was my story. So thank you again. I'm truly flattered. The score, which was 6.17 the last time I looked, won't scare anyone but it is a decent score and I'm not complaining.

However, my "we've turned the corner" remark was because I saw no evidence that the story was maliciously trashed. Some readers loved it and some not so much and the score is what it is. But it appears that my mia culpas and prostrations for all the brash and sometimes annoying (although entertaining, I've been told) drunk blogging of last year have gotten us past the "Let's trash anything Chandra posts" stage to something a little more benign. So thank you also for that. (Shutting off anonymous feedback may have had something to do with this and I can't say I have a problem with not getting any more hate mail.)

And lastly, speaking of blogs, as we approach 13,000 hits in a little over a year, they may have been brash and sometimes annoying but we sure have liked to read them, haven't we.

So this is pretty cool. It's nice to be appreciated for bringing some sexy fun into people's lives. I've even made some new cyber friends recently as a result.

Life is good.