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Thanks - and A question.

July 4, 2011
Posted at 10:52 am

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to the reader who spotted and alerted me to the publishing error yesterday in Chapter 1 of 'A Family Affair'. Something odd happened at the SOL end, but they fixed it last night about 8. IF you tried to make sense of that version, which had about 800 views in the few hours before the error was fixed, please try it again. This time it WILL make sense (I hope)!

Also, I'd be most interested in your opinions - Do the bits of humor I have all through the stories enhance or detract, do you think? I try to show what relationships with and between bright kids CAN be - one moment in earnest, the next behaving like lunatics and having a cracking good, innocent, time together. I just think it adds interest to the mix, though I can understand it may be irritating to those looking for nothing but titillation. A final Question - in parts A Family Affair will be almost identical to Relaxing Assistance, but with extra bits - probably of the titillating variety for the most part. I'm curious - what's your reaction to that, where such a lot of the content is virtually the same as RA - irritating? Interesting? I'd be interested in your reactions, one and all!


Dan (Depends)