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June 26, 2011
Posted at 4:24 pm
Updated: June 27, 2011 - 8:10 am

Hello SOL...I'm writing again

I guess I get bored easily because I'm writing again. I'm working on 3 different stories. For anyone who is interested, the first one should be posted in a few weeks. Very naughty stories. One is the 2nd sequel to "Daddy I've Been Bad", one I've tentatively titled "I Understand, Daddy" and the 3rd is a flash story of one of my sexy adventures.

However, I'm no longer accepting anonymous feedback and I'm also turning off the scoring for anything I post from now on. You know...this is for sexy fun. For fantasies. For jerking off. The notion that I submit my material to be trashed by hateful illiterates who are incapable of composing an intelligible paragraph of their own is obnoxious and I'm no longer going to do it. If someone wants to give me feedback...Dude, I reply to every email.

On a personal note, and for those who care...a quick catch up on life as I know it:

I'm in my senior year and will be starting my MBA (no more law) in the spring.

I've made tremendous strides concerning the intimacy issues and have discovered, through behavior modification therapy, that the issues are more learned behavior than neurotic in nature. In other words, learned behavior can be unlearned.

I vacationed by myself for a week in NY City. Saw all the touristy things, took in several Yankee games, went to some clubs, shed tears at the 9/11 site and had several sexy adventures; one with a young couple from Spain and one with some older guy who insisted on paying me to wear black underwear and whip his ass. (It was fun and I would have gladly done it for free but when a guy waves a bunch of hundreds at you, plus he buys you sexy underwear, you take it.)

I'm dating boys my age.

I've recently taken up golf, as it's the game of business, as opposed to my beloved tennis, which isn't. (Business men aren't athletes.) It's a boring game but I'm finding it pretty easy to break 90, which is good enough so that I won't embarrass myself. And once I can break 80, I'll stop taking lessons.

Lastly, I've got a new hobby. You may refer to me as Mistress Chandra, Party Dom. I look really hot in black leather. It's not about inflicting serious pain or blood or hard core S&M mutilation or any of that stuff. EW! It's about wielding sexual power and having men and women beg you for more. And why not? After all...I'm Chandra of Fucking Miami, right? LOL.

Talk to you soon