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Nice Story Response

June 26, 2011
Posted at 10:53 am

Amidst all the other discussions, I just got the following note, which makes me feel much better. Here it is, with my response following it:

Since this is a work in progress, I expect it to
wander a bit. But once finished, the whole book
needs a good professional Editor. There are a few
repetitious lines, some dialog that needs
tightening, and the POV explanations are

But the story is great. It deserves becoming a
"finished" document and being published, either as
an ebook or even as a paper book and finding
itself on the SF shelf of Barnes and noble. And
making you some money.

I've read a lot of SF romances that don't come
near this as far a concept, story line and
characterization. This is excellent. Keep it

Just in response, I don't have any plans for an immediate rewrite or publishing (it's really much too long to print). But I'd like to rewrite the first book (since I avoided doing it when I posted it to ASSTR, given how involved I was in producing Book 2).

I DO plan on producing an e-book version, if anyone wants it, from my Master copy. I keep prettying it up, with Tables of Contents and (hopefully) an index (although I haven't quite figured out how to do that - listing every time Cate appears in the story would be a bit useless.)