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June 21, 2011
Posted at 4:42 pm

I've been working on Family Feud. Rewriting Chapters 1-4 several times.

I normally don't rewrite things, I tend to just go with it and edit/correct mistakes.

Some thing about these four chapters keeps bringing me back to it. I want to extend something that was particularly humorous and humiliating. I want to cut this or that, change it.

I just submitted an all new chapter 01 (with new content) and chapter 03 (mostly addressing my mistakes, but adding a little here and there).

I wanted to mention I don't get a lot of feedback. A couple emails here and there. Most recently some very positive and encouraging stuff about how I don't have a lot of "Bad Guys" in the story.

Instead, almost everyone seems to be morally gray at best. You see their motivations and their justifications. They may be doing mean things, but usually to serve some purpose.

That is high praise to me!!

I got a nastygram last week that was somebody REALLY angry with me. I realized though he wasn't saying I was
a terrible writer or my spelling sucked. (I didn't even have spell check when I first started). People were less than kind (and can still be about early work I've not had a chance to correct).

He was mad that Bill (in FF3) was being such a dick, and how dare I have the girls (won't spoil it for you if you've not read, but suffice to say, do something that was very difficult).

It was like I had put a beard on Spock, or made Rachel from Friends shave her head to a fan of the show. He was angry because he cared about my characters!!!

I was actually pleased. Weird huh?

It's funny how I try to see it that way.

I am such a "Wendy" in real life. ;)