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For the rest of you actually

June 20, 2011
Posted at 8:43 am
Updated: June 20, 2011 - 9:20 am

Per my last blog entry, I started posting a new story. It's called In It To Win It, and a few facts might help you understand it better.

First off, while it is an Uncle Bob story, it's not your average Uncle Bob story. Second, the primary sexual behavior centers around something I don't write about all that often, and which is a fairly narrow fetish, generally speaking. That fetish is lactation. But it isn't really a story for people who are all into lactation.

Actually, when I wrote the entry for the most recent SOL contest, there were some glitches, and it wasn't for sure, there for a while, that it was actually going to be in the contest. This new story was written, therefore, to replace the original, if it was disqualified. But then the original entry was accepted, so I suddenly had another story about a contest. I lenthened it somewhat (the contest stories had to be pretty short)and now here it is, so that everybody can see what one of my contest entries looks like.

Not that I think there are dozens of people out there who can't wait to see what I might come up with to put in a contest. But a lot of people were disappointed that they couldn't read the whole original story.

So in a round about way, this one is for them. I say round about because once I have a story, I have to post it. I mean it's an addiction I have. But by the same token, it isnt the usual Lubrican story. Or maybe it is. I don't know.

It has three chapters, and they will come out every other day until it's finished, which means by Friday you'll have it all.

I'm still working on longer stuff. It's going slowly. In fact, it's going at glacial speeds. So I might write some more shorter things. Life is a bit unsettled right now.

Thanks for your patience.