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So I started over on Family Feud 3

June 19, 2011
Posted at 10:09 am

I put out two chapters, one a MEGA-Chapter.

I didn't like where I was going with the story, though.

I had to step back and really re-consider.

I was asked why I had created separate stories for the same characters.

There are so many reasons really.

I suppose like other more prolific authors, I could just as easily cast aside these characters and start fresh with a similar group of people in Pasadena.

I some times have received negative feedback. I got a little on what I was doing with ch. 3. That wasn't why I stepped back from the stories though. That was my own internal thoughts.

I realized though, this time the negative nancies who like to send anonymous nasty grams weren't angry with how poor a writer I am. (Which I've got in the past, from people who are obviously cynical little cowards)

No this time, it was different.

I think they were angry, that they had started to really like the characters and I had the audacity to CHANGE them

Sort of like if they put a beard on Spock halfway through the second season.

So in a way, the other reason for the distinction of the trilogy of stories is that these are pivotal periods of growth for the characters where they are essentially different people.

What they did in the past is still part of who they are, but they've come so far, changed so much, that it was time to start again.

Sort of like how Luke is a boy in one story, and a Jedi in another. Not that I am a Sci Fi nerd or anything, but it is the only analogy that springs to my mind that may have a chance of being relatable.

I think also it's just practical.

FF1 is Femdom.
The story code is ONLY applicable during the first story.

If this is your thing, you will be hopefully really into that.

If this is not, you may want to skip it, and just sort of pick up from FF1, with the understanding the girls had put Bill and Chris through a personal hell.

Some days I get this crazy bug to write frequently. Today is one of those days. I am hoping to re-do Chapter one and two, and add a few more chapters as well.

It won't be a TOTAL rewrite, but enough will have changed I would ask anyone who already started on FF3 to begin over. I've gone back and started correcting things as well, simple little mistakes I had made.

I have created a reference file, so that I can remember all the minor characters and position names and such. This way when I want to refer to a patented "Waxerman Tabasco colonic" or the "Second Inspection Position", I have all the details right at my finger tips.

It begs the question, would readers want some sort of reference like that? If so, where could I post it that would be central and easy to search?