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Some touching feedback

June 15, 2011
Posted at 2:50 pm

I got an unusual email. After saying that he had initially avoided my stories because they seemed to be about child abuse, he writes: "However while surfing through your "Favorites" I began to sense the mind behind what you write which I, so far, think is wonderfully conceived, cerebral and rendered. You have gifted me with the realization that I was objecting to 'child abuse' essentially based upon my own abuse and that of many others--mostly women--who have shared their secrets with me ... My point is that whenever anyone upbraids you regarding your subject matter remember that you have played a principal role in healing one very broken man. Many thanks!"

I don't fully understand -- I asked for further info if he felt like sharing but haven't heard back yet. But it is wonderful to hear that someone has found benefit in what I write beyond a superficial enjoyment.