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My First Blog Entry

June 13, 2011
Posted at 6:21 pm

Hi Everyone, and thank you for checking out my blog page.

A little about me as an author and what motivates me to write:

On the internet, there seem to be three kinds of dirty stories that most stories fit into. There are other kinds I am sure, but these are the ones I am addressing:

1- Wish-Fantasy Stories: I call them Andy Hardy Stories, but there is probably another more apt word for them.

In the old Andy Hardy serials on TV, he was the guy every girl wanted, every guy wanted to be. He always won, everything came easy to him.

How boring is that? No conflict to beat down the hero so in the end, the triumph is that much sweeter?

Some times these stories go like this "I got a mind control ray and retrained the brain of everyone who ever wronged me to serve me, then I won the lottery, from there things got even better, because.."

2- Vignettes: Short stories with characters I don't yet care about, with motivations I don't understand. These are usually an inventory of activities.

"They did this, then this happened, then they did that".

I can't enjoy this at all. I need to care about the characters.

I was told by a wise author, that the first person introduced to the audience, is usually the one they identify with. Even if this is a bad person, who does bad things. This is who the audience will focus on as the main character.

So I tend to do that, and more importantly add reasons for the audience to like or dislike what happens to the character, by trying to get them to have an emotional connection to the character.

Vignettes don't do that.

3-Far Out Stories

Things that are set in outer space, and alternate dimensions with orcs and elves are all well and good. There is some great fiction about it. However, I can't relate to it.

The mansion of Maison De Valmont, where he has servants around, limos and unlimited resources also do nothing for me. I am not rich, and I can't really relate to overly elegant settings of fancy pomp.

Give me something that feels like a real place. Even if I've never been there, if I can relate it to an actual experience I have, I can get there mentally.

So my stories, tend not to fit into those common categories.

They are usually dark and disturbing, and tend to involve people whose motivations are not always pure of intent. Seldom is someone there just for sexual pleasure, and if they are, they are most certainly not the main character.

I often write the characters in my own voice. Interjecting my own thoughts and observations. I've been told that I talk "like an asshole". (How is that for constructive feedback?)

It is probably true. I am blunt. My world is a gritty, raw reality, where poop smells, things hurt, no one enjoys beatings, sweaty, grimy, reality.

I write what I know.