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trying new things

June 10, 2011
Posted at 2:53 pm

I have a new story I'm pretty excited about: Prescription: An Enthusiastic Fucking. It's all done, around 209K total (my longest story so far), but I decided to post it in several pieces, to see how that goes over. Already an interesting twist: I left scoring on, and now I have people scoring it after reading the first chapter. I could see giving it a bad score if you've lost interest, but how could you give it a good score? Unless they did TPA, they won't be able to vote again, will they? Speaking of TPA, I got another of those 1.1.1 votes -- I can just see the spittle flying onto the screen from an apoplectic face. No reasonable person could mark it lower than a 5.5.1 outside the heat of passion. Even that "1"... hard to see how they could have that reaction if they read the description and decided it was a story they might like. Yet in my description I dare the reader to take a look, so maybe from that perspective I'm getting what I asked for -- people delving outside their comfort zone.
I've got so many stories in the works or nearly done. I'm thinking of a universe called something like "Fluffy Tales of Horny Sugar And Spice" to handle some of those pedo stroke stories... package them up to lure the interested but also not turn off readers who won't like those but might like some of my more serious stories? They can read the Universe tag and know to skip it?