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I'm back

June 3, 2011
Posted at 6:28 pm

Sorry for the lack of updates and replies to email. I've been out of town for work and when I came back home my internet had been shut off. (huzzah!)

Back now, will try to catch up on all the emails in the next week or so. So please be patient. :)

As for chapter one, I had it almost finished, but to be honest it kinda sucked. It was definitely forced and there seemed to be little joy in it, nor was it really all that interesting. So I've completely scrapped it, I'm reworking some of the ideas I've had into a more focused and coherent plotline, and then will restart from scratch.

Not great news, I realize, but I honestly believe that had I released this chapter one, you would have all been "WTF?" and stopped reading, which would have sucked even worse.

Thanks again for all your patience. I realize I keep extending the release for something I said would be released Soon(tm), but I hope you'll bear with me. (Or, alternatively, forget all about me, and then read the story a few years in the future. :) )

Take care,