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The need for an O meter

June 3, 2011
Posted at 11:33 am
Updated: June 4, 2011 - 10:00 am

I've been getting a lot of positive responses to my stories, but few readers say in so many words whether the stories actually get them off. Usually, they compliment me by saying a story was hot, or it got them "worked up," or with an all-purpose "OMG." All very gratifying, but not a direct answer to the uppermost question on my mind.

I therefore propose an addition to the voting form: the O meter. It would be a simple binary question, with no numerical scale. The only choices for an answer would be "yes" or nothing. If you come while reading the story (or thinking about it later, alone in your bed in the dark), you check the box. If not, you leave it empty. This would tell authors how many orgasms they are responsible for, and how effective their stories truly are.

On that topic: I've been thinking about the difference on the story descriptions between "much sex" and "stroke story." I've been putting "much sex" on mine, largely because of the way the site describes the category, which is "plenty of sex to go with an actual story." I do think of my stories as "actual stories," because I take care with plot (or at least situation), setting, characterization, and, heaven knows, sentence structure. I also regard them as "stroke stories," however, in the sense that sex is their central preoccupation, the climaxes are literal, and I hope they induce a pleasant state of horniness. Perhaps they could be more accurately as porn with literary pretensions, somewhere between "much sex" and "stroke." Whatever you call them, you should know what you're getting.

And if you haven't been following Dee Does Middle School by peregrif, it's never to late to start. He's just posted another chapter, and the situations keep getting more and more interesting.