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The Glass Balls II

May 15, 2011
Posted at 3:53 pm

Here's the next episode of Dom's adventures. The title is somewhat of a misnomer, since the glass balls are mentioned only parenthetically in this episode, but I wanted to preserve the continuity of the narrative. People had a lot of trouble getting the chronology straight in the Emily series, so I thought I'd spare them that ordeal. (I've also experimented with putting the Emily-related stories into a "series" category, to help people with the time line.)

I think this story still has places to go, although I don't know exactly where. It could follow Dom to Rome, or it could reunite him with Lucia, or Donetta, or both of them. We'll see. (Suggestions are always welcome; even though I tend not to use them directly, I enjoy seeing where my readers think the story ought to go, and they sometimes spark other trains of thought that lead to plots).

Part of the fun of this series is dealing with the parallel development of the medieval Dominic and the modern Olivia Wright, who narrates the stories. Maybe the next episode will have Olivia and her new lover traveling to Italy, where they'll find another masterpiece...

One more thing. If you looked for "The Glass Balls" and couldn't find it, you have your content filter set to screen out stories dealing with children under thirteen. As I said in a previous blog entry, To get around the filter, you have to go into your account settings and choose "full access" (or whatever it's called). Then you should be able to see "The Glass Balls" and also "Mrs. Swinson's Summer Camp," which I think may be my best story to date, even though it isn't rated as highly as my others. Once you read the stories you wish to read, you can reset the filter back to where it was.