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flighty fingers

May 14, 2011
Posted at 1:28 am

Finally got myself to finish off a real story and post it (Spreading Genes In Tight Spaces). I feel pretty good about it. But following my own nose (or Freudian id) I seem to write lots of little short pedo stroke stories. I can't decide if they're worth polishing up and posting or not. I get kind of embarrassed by them sometimes. I mull the idea of a universe where little girls (like 8 and under) are really, really enthusiastic about sex. In one story idea they are so enthusiastic they whine and nag and blackmail their daddies, who go to special classes to discover and develop their incestuous pedophilic side so they can be good daddies ... I have a few stories that would qualify for the universe (Promise To Do Our Daughters is already posted and would qualify). But I've also got some ideas for "real" stories too -- ones with innovative ideas. Reader opinions on any of this will be read thoughtfully.