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April 30, 2011
Posted at 1:38 am

I hit on Gloria Estefan

Hi folks

I know, I know. I said I was taking a break but I'm busting a gut with this and I had to share it.

I drove up to Broward County, to the HardRock Hotel in the city of Hollywood, with a school friend who wanted to see her favorite rock n roll band who was playing there.

They were great but sitting at the front table of the club was Gloria Estefan and her entourage of beautiful, young Latinas, including her 16 year old daughter, who played with her own band. (Notes: If you don't know who Gloria Estefan is, I can't help you here; her daughter sounded great but her band sucked; and the Estefans live in Miami.)

I could see her motor was running, so I went up to her and asked her to dance. My friend was mortified. The Son of Hitler Youth body guard who was sitting next to her tried to shoo me away but I put my hand gently but firmly on her shoulder and looked her in the eye and she got up to dance with me. Much to the body guard's unhappiness. (Additional note: there were 2 other Sons of Hitler Youth standing near and when they approached us, we ignored them.

She was tiny and beautiful. I wanted her so bad I ached. I made as much body contact as possible but her daughter was sitting right there so nothing was going to happen. I'm not going to say she put her tongue down my throat but I'll always believe that had we been alone she might have. And btw...she didn't pull away from the body contact.

We danced several rock n roll/disco dances (the girl can boogie) and after breaking a sweat together, we caught our breaths. It was then that I introduced myself and invited her to get together with me on South Beach, where I live. Alas, she said no. I asked her for her number but again, she was very gracious and thanked me for the dances but explained quietly that under different circumstances she might have said yes but she was happily married (to Emilo).

The thing saying that, she acknowledged that she not only understood my intention but that she wasn't at all offended. I have to tell you: the girl is hot!

Me Chandra of Miami. You Gloria of Miami. Grrrrrr :)

Love and sexy girls,

PS...I should have asked her if she plays tennis.