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Love to hear this kind of feedback! (Riding Jumbo!)

April 27, 2011
Posted at 3:40 pm

Hiya All,

I'm so very fortunate to receive a lot of positive, encouraging and very flattering comments from folks who have taken the time to read my stuff. It makes writing and posting that much more fun.

One of the things I hear ALL the time is people (95% guys of course) telling me how they got themselves off during or just after reading one of my stories. I write these stories primarily because I need this outlet to express my sexuality. It turns me on to write and to post.

But it's almost as exciting knowing that what I'm posting gets through to others' in very explicitly sexual ways too. And readers do get explicit, which is fine with me. I've heard of people having several climaxes reading a single chapter, hundreds of hard-ons caused (and almost as many relieved, I'm happy to say), gallons of cum spilled, and so on. I love it and I'm totally flattered by it all.

But this morning I received one of the most clever expressions of the effects of my stories that I've ever heard. A reader sent me a message saying he had read the latest chapter of Lizzie and that it made him want to "whip it out" right there in his office. I told him to go for it, citing the fact that I've slipped off to bathrooms and other secluded areas (including in my office sometimes, or my car) to diddle my beloved pussy to orgasm because I was turned on by one thing or another.

In reply to my encouragement to make it happen, my sweet reader told me this:

Oh, I had had to shut the door and take Jumbo for a ride a few times.

HA! I laughed out loud! That's one of the best comments I've ever received. I got his permission to share it, btw. So, now I know that my stories not only make cocks hard and pussies wet, but they go so far as to make Jumbo's owner set him free for a few rides! I'm so, so lucky! ;-)