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Lost and Found Broken Record

April 19, 2011
Posted at 8:04 pm

I was so proud. I thought I had Chapter 78 in good shape for release this coming weekend. I had a couple pages to write tonight and then I could send it off to CouldBeWorse for editing... then I looked at my calendar for Kyle's spring semester.

In Chapter 78 I left Kyle on Jan. 13th, having selected Max Solomon as his agent. I planned for Kyle to go down to Alabama on Jan 19th for the Senior Bowl. Somehow, I managed to write half a chapter about Kyle's visit to a pro gym to prepare for the NFL Combine the weekend between Jan 13th and 19th.

You see? I don't know how I wrote for a week before I realized there is no weekend between the 13th and the 19th. Oh well, I can salvage most of the writing for later in Kyle's winter when he actually does have time to get to a gym and work on his technique for the Combine.

Now, on to the Senior Bowl, which I am not prepared to finish by the weekend. I will get back to the every two weeks release routine again... some time.

I'll blame my brain fart on a "senior moment"... or maybe it's water on the brain. I spent last Saturday night in a 2.5" rain storm when I want backpacking.

I hope everyone has a good Easter holiday.

Doug Fox