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Closing the Book - Not on Bridget, But the Bridget Story

April 18, 2011
Posted at 9:42 am

Hey Gang,

Thanks to everyone who has been following the developing story of my now girlfriend, Bridget. As we got closer to sealing the deal with a kiss (which we now have), I've been less enthusiastic about making all the real-life details public, even if it's just through SOL.

Many folks have been kind enough to send emails that helped me think that whole thing through. Thanks to all who shared their heartfelt thoughts.

In the end I decided that it doesn't feel right to me, nor fair to Bridget for me to air the details of everything we say and do in this way. It's one thing for me to weave my personal life, to greater or lesser extents, into my stories. I've been pretty willing to do that, although I've set some boundaries there as well. But it feels like another thing all together to share not only what Bridget and I say and feel, but the details of her bod, especially. (I have no qualms about sharing the details of mine...probably too much for some ;-)

To that end, I just posted the last chapter in Bridget Baby's Diary. That was never the title. I just thought of it and it sounded funny. Thanks again to everyone who cheered me on with all that, and who cheer me on in general. As I said in the final chapter, I'm not opposed to sharing things in private emails, and I don't mind giving updates or answering questions into the future for anyone who's interested. Just let me know if you're ever curious, about Bridget, or about anything else you might be curious about.

Finally, be aware that Lizzie has more cumming to do, and I expect I'll still need this outlet to share my perversions through new stories. I don't think I'm going anywhere, and as far as I know, I'll keep writing.

Until then,