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Explain this to me. Voting patterns.

April 16, 2011
Posted at 11:49 pm

This is neither a compliant nor a self congratulation piece of ego nonsense. I just don't get it why some pieces get reviewed and others do not. It is not about the scoring,,,

Of the eight stories I have written there is a huge disparity related to the number of votes each story has garnered. Not I am not showing you what all the the score were. This is not about how good or bad a story was. In fact the scoring has been relatively consistent. No this is more of a curiosity.

How come a story that has been downloaded 1145 times gets only 17 votes and a story that has been downloaded a paltry 744 get 52 votes? For what is it worth the actual associated TPAs were 8.9.9 and 9.9.9.

So it is fair to say the the issue isn't good v bad... what accounts for the spread of voting?