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Still Learning

April 14, 2011
Posted at 12:39 am

I keep talking about finishing "The No Strings Challenge" in one more chapter and as you've noticed that it's still going. I've mentioned that some of this is simply because I didn't start with an outline. The first Tabby chapter turned into more of a novel and now it feels like a serial, more or less a porn soap opera. Much of that is that I'm just enjoying writiung the story into a corner then trying to surprise myself.

One of the big surprises to me is that I set out to write a stroke story where the main male character had an average sized penis and most of the women weren't 34DD. I also wanted to make some fun of all of what I thought were weird incest stories on this site. Another confession, in real life I don't find anal sex all that interesting.

So what happens? I wind up with 2 characters with huge dicks in Frank Mitchell and Nikki's father (well the Dad's already dead) and discover that it's fun to write size porn. I then wind up with Dr. Tarah who has huge tits and my main character gets an anal fixation with her. She's so fun, I keep writing her back into the story line.

Now here's the really weird thing. I started writing the mock incest bits to make fun of the stuff and found myself getting turned on by the step-sister plot line and the Uncle Charley thing. I was more of a perv than I thought and while I still think some of the "family porn" stuff is weird, I also kind of get it now.

So this is what I've learned. I started this trying to "write" a stroke story that was more like a real story with characters who seemed sort of 'normal' whatever that is. I've discovered that writing porn is also about just enjoying letting my imgaination go. One result is that I wound up with this sort of indulgent 48 page chapter that doesn't end the story, but I'm also finding that it's fun to indulge myself and have fun. If the readers follow, that's fine. If they don't, I'm still enjoying it.

Finally, they say the real sex organ is the mind. Writing this thing has brought home to me how true that is. I'm learning that I really respect some of the writers here who go to crazy edgy places.My stuff is on the conventional side in a lot of ways and likelywill stay that way. One of the things Charley winds up saying is "I found myself getting turned on by scenarios I'd never do in real life."
He's not likely to be having sex with other men or having sex with his parents, but there's something fascinating about the way this corner of the web lets so many imaginations run free. I mean you guys don't really do some of that stuff, do you?

Charley's adventures are completely autobiographical, however. :}