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The world of "By Tooth and Claw"

April 13, 2011
Posted at 11:29 pm

It's come to my attention (thank you to the person that did so) that the supernatural characters in my story may need a little more fleshing out. So here goes.

Werewolves are pretty much the only Were creature as of yet. They are pretty much as you'd expect, retaining some human intelligence when in wolf form and such. If you've read Patricia Briggs, they're a lot like that. There is pain in them changing from wolf to human or vice versa and it does take a fair amount of time. You can be born one or be bitten, it really doesn't make a difference, although surviving an attack is very difficult. My Shape Shifters are more like people who turn into animals, retaining their humanity but also gaining animal instincts and abilities. They have to be born a Shifter, they can't be infected or anything like that. Vampires in my world are a little more difficult to describe. I pretty much mixed up every vampire story I've ever read and made something that's all mine. LJ Smith has a teen series called The Night World Series; it's nothing hard core, but not bad. Anyway, there are two kinds of vampires: those born and those bitten. Those who are born, usually from vampire parents, are able to procreate as well, can tolerate sunlight and eat regular food like they were human, even though they gain nothing by it and inherit powers as well as gain new abilities with age. They also have the added bonus of being able to stop their aging at anytime. The drawback to that is that they are then stuck at that age for the rest of their existence. Bitten vampires are like almost every other vampire you've ever read about but gain the ability to walk in the sun as early as fifty years dead; it doesn't happen often, but I've made it possible. They don't age, they gain only typical vampiric abilities unless their maker took special care when they made them, and the only way they get anything else is with age. I don't think I'll make them able to procreate but I may change my mind later.

Another point to make:
It usually isn't possible to cross-breed. In my world, you won't get a half-vampire, half werewolf or anything like that. A Shifter and a Were could inter-breed I guess, but it would only be one or the other. As for Ramirez, she, of course, is a special case!

I almost forgot my Demons! Okay, these are another combo from way too many sources to name. First of all, unlike every other race, Demons are not based in humanity- they are a completely different race from a completely different realm. They have the ability to appear as a human or in their true Demon form. It's really similar to Patricia Briggs' Fae, in that whatever form they show, that is their form at the moment. It's not really an illusion or a glamour, I guess they would be similar to a Shape Shifter in that respect. But their realm is a paralel realm that does and doesn't quite sync up with ours. All or born with some sort of ability, most special abilities run in families. Not all have wings or stand seven feet tall or have pale skin, so they do differ from each other. They are kind of the race that I'm making up as I go along.