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The Knight and his Squire

April 13, 2011
Posted at 10:02 pm

First, a big thank you to the readers who sent me email about what they thought of the story!

Overall, I had pretty mixed reviews - some liked the ending, some are looking forward to the continuation of the story (and I hope like the ending), and some don't like the ending at all.

The story ends as it does for a few reasons: Rohea restored his honor; his squire Maes disappeared and the story is about the knight and his squire.

Ending with a cliffhanger was something that I took a long time to decide about. I felt that there was sufficient closure in the story, and that having a cliffhanger to the next part would be good.

I received some questions about how Maes is purported to be the evil mastermind. I don't want to give spoilers to the next part, but there are a number of open questions about Maes and her involvement:
- the bandits Rohea and Maes encountered outside Vimml, the first village
- the trail on Pyar's necklace leading to both Cyler, and Rohea and Maes
- the interaction between Maes and Pyar in the carriage
- a subtle action by the dark mage who ambushed Rohea's group
- Maes' disappearance at the end

However, as an astute reader pointed out, Groba did not sense anything amiss when he met Maes for the first time.

So, is Maes actually the one behind the scenes? You'll have to wait till the next part is out *wink*

I have some plans, and hope to get started writing soon. Rest assured that the questions will be answered!

Thanks once again for all your support!