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Book II of 'Over the Hills'; and a word about slang.

April 11, 2011
Posted at 4:17 pm

I'm getting to the end of the proofing and editing phase of Book II, which I aim to have up on the website around the middle of May.

However, what with the marriage of Kate and William (my invite hasn't arrived yet; Buck House please take note!) and the possibility of my entering the SOL writing contest, there may be some slippage (posh word for being late).

I used UK slang in Book I and continue to do so in Book II. I have put translations in brackets (parenthesis)after the slang word for those not up to speed (not aware, do not have the knowledge) on UK/London/military slang.
I may have missed some instances but the website www.peevish .co.uk is a brahma( first class) site for UK slang and phrases.

Any slang/turn of phrase that you can't figure out just drop me an email and I'll try and explain.

Jack G