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Wendy my B F F

April 8, 2011
Posted at 2:43 pm

Well, I finished the "sequel to the sequel" of "Wendy." Actually, it's a revision of what was originally intended to be Wendy's sequel.

The original sequel didn't work because I was telling it from Wendy's point of view. To be honest, what I was trying to do was what Jehoram did so well in his stories about "Bigfoot and the Wood Nymph," where he told the same story twice, once from the man's point of view and again from the woman's. But I couldn't make it work, because there really wasn't a lot of new things to learn about Wendy; I felt that it was mostly repeating what I'd already told in the first story.

But after "Wendy and Susie" was finished and posted, I got to thinking that it never really told the story from Susie's point of view. In fact, we didn't learn much about Susie at all, particularly the source of her obsession about her father. I sensed that there was another story to be told here. By exploring Susie's pre-teen relationship with Wendy, I also was able to include some background information on Wendy, too, which helped to explain both her sexual hang-ups and her fascination with "cum-shot" videos. I reworked the original sequel, and here it is.

I don't know if I'll continue this series, although there a few ways it could go (and I've gotten lots of suggestions from readers, including having Jimmy take his two "girls" somewhere and impregnating them both, introducing Wendy's mother as a character either as a villainess from whom Wendy is to be rescued or as another participant in the group sex). But I'll let it rest right now, as there are other stories I want to tell.

One more thing. People have told me that they were confused when they encountered "Wendy and Susie" but couldn't find "Wendy" on the site. I think that's probably because "Wendy" dealt with a twelve-year-old having sex, and those pre-teen sex stories undergo a filtering process. To get around the filter, you have to go into your account settings and choose "full access" (or whatever it's called). Then you should be able to see "Wendy" and also "Mrs. Swinson's Summer Camp," which I think may be my best story to date, even though it isn't rated as highly as my others.