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April 6, 2011
Posted at 7:31 pm

The curious case of anonymous feedback

All writers get anonymous feedback. Some rail against it but that won't stop it. Some try to reach out to them by asking who they are in blogs, like this one. And some refuse to accept them. But I think most of us more or less ignore them. But I look at them. I read them. Like I do all feedback.

I'd say, as you'd expect, most anonymous feedback is negative. Sometimes downright mean. I was getting anonymous hate mail for a few months. "Oh yeah! Let's see whachu got! Bring it, meat!" No, I never said that. How can you? They hide. "Chicken shit, pussy pond scum!" That'll show 'em.

But most negative anonymous feedback is hyper critical of a story. "What garbage!" And that's OK to be critical. As creative artists, we put our work out there and not everyone is going to like it. "Garbage? Wanna fight, mother trucker!" LOL. I'll talk to ya. Sign your name. Maybe we can have a conversation.

But I don't fight with people. Sometimes I'll get signed negative feedback and I'll always get back to them and thank them for taking the time. Hell, their comments are often insightful and right on. What's interesting is their replies when I do that. "I thought you'd be pissed off at me." Hell no. Someone takes the time and trouble to write me, I'm going to respond in an appreciative, civilized manner.

But the curious thing, and the reason for this blog, is positive feedback that's anonymous. I don't get it. Why are people hiding? The easiest thing in the world is to make up an online identity. "Hi, I'm" Sometimes they'll say "Great story." and that's it. Sometimes, like the one I received as a result of my anti Muslim rant, are long, articulate, well written and thought out. The writer didn't agree with everything I said and that's fine, because I was more angry than serious, but it was such a well written letter that it just begged for a dialogue. But because it was anonymous, I can't, and that's too bad.

Why are you guys hiding? Get yourself an email address, make up a one will come looking for you. Trust me...if they can't find me, with all the information I've given out, no one will ever find you.

Or is it maybe they're embarrassed that they're even on a porn site in the first place? Folks! You've been on life's porn site since the first time you masturbated to a fantasy. It's OK. If a writer is an asshole and bites your head off, tell Chandra. I'll kiss it and make it better :)

One last thing: I unintentionally broke a site rule with my politically charged Muslim rant. Apologies to the Webmaster.