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Rejuventated, the last chapter

April 3, 2011
Posted at 3:56 pm

I've already received a number of comments regarding the way 'Rejuvenated' ended. I've responded to those who left their email addresses; this is for those who chose to comment anonymously.

First of all, it is far from a shaggy dog story. I had been writing the story for several weeks before I conceived the ending. I chose to end the story with David being true to his nature. The story is about balance, the scarcity of second chances, seizing opportunities, and personal growth.

Secondly, there are two ways to end a story. One is closed. The characters' lives are briefly laid out to their dying day and all elements are neatly tied up. The other is open. This allows a reader to use his or her imagination to take the arc of the story and continue it onward. Look at the ending of the film version of Mary Poppins or of the Sound of Music. The stories would have been diminished had the writer tried to advance the story further.

I felt that this was the optimal point to end telling David and Abby's story. The family was together again and the future had infinite possibilities. I could only have tarnished it by continuing. I apologize to any who felt disappointed, but I have to follow my instincts.