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new story "Comforting the Afflicted"

April 2, 2011
Posted at 12:55 am

Should I put spoiler alerts in my own blog entries? Guess I should have one here.

I write little stroke story snippets for myself. They aren't anything I want to share with the world, but in this case one was an inspiration for a full story.

In its infancy as a snippet, I had a couple girls who knew nothing about sex talking about what was unfolding before them with a man who didn't speak. But it seemed more natural if the man wasn't just choosing to be silent but was unable to speak, then even more natural if he had lots his inhibitions -- and a stroke seemed the way to do it (new meaning for "stroke story", har har har). So here the answer to how to justify sex with little girls is that he's not in his right mind with the stroke. The girls yielding to his advances as part of Christian charity was fun. And then I found it fun to see what happens as he gradually recovers and gradually faces what he has been doing with these girls for months.