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Wendy and Susie

April 1, 2011
Posted at 4:30 pm

Well, here it is.

I want to thank those who've commented on Wendy. A reader named Rob suggested that I write the sequel from the point of view of one of the girls. That's a good idea, and I might try to do that in a future installment, but I still wanted to focus on Jimmy's reaction to what was happening to his life, and staying with his POV was the easiest way to do that. I tried to do it otherwise, with an attempt to tell it from different points of view, but it didn't work for me.

I'm also glad that most people realized that this was not just a pedophilia story but a love story, with Wendy's age being the smallest part of the attraction between her and Jimmy (and, indeed, an impediment in some ways). The dramatic tension of the story was in Jimmy's reconciling his love for Wendy with his own distaste in pedophilia. The dramatic mainspring of the second story is how his love (and lust) for his daughter obliterates his aversion to incest. I've used father-daughter incest as a plot device in some of my other stories as well, but only in cases where it is clear that the women in the man's life, in their love for him, facilitate it. So it is with this one as well. I couldn't write it any other way.

When I write of these situations, especially in the story Mrs. Swinson's Summer Camp, I'm really giving myself the childhood I wish I'd had, instead of the one I got. Frankly, those other pedophilia stories, where the guy is a predator and the girls are reluctant victims who are in way over their heads, give me the creeps. That's why I wrote this series ... to show that it doesn't have to be that way.

As for those who asked for a picture of me, I'm flattered! But I'd rather that you use your imagination to create your ideal vision of what I look like. I guarantee that it will be better than the real article.

Keep those comments coming! As a novice to the art of writing erotica, I need all the feedback I can get!