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March 31, 2011
Posted at 5:17 pm

More emails from Sunny

Some readers may remember that I recently posted a compilation of real email exchanges between myself and a high school girl named Sunny. Sunny found me on SOL, as she was trolling for incest thrills and we began corresponding. Her emails were some of the hottest stuff anyone has ever read and even though they were barely literate, you scored these exchanges 7.98.

Sunny has incest fantasies of her father and wrote me about them. She's also having sex with her high school gf, using strap-ons.

She sent me 2 series of pictures and I can tell you she's a wholesome-looking, petite, Midwestern blond cheerleader type, in or out of her clothes; with her fingers in or out of her cunt or her ass; going 69 with her gf or not. No, you cannot see those pictures. You want me to get arrested?

Sadly, Sunny stopped communicating with me and I have no idea why. Maybe she got bored. Maybe her parents busted her. I don't know. But while I was still emailing with her she gave me permission to post this 2nd set of exchanges. For your jerk-off pleasure, it's going into the queue: "More Emails From Sunny".

Stay horny my friends,