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March 25, 2011
Posted at 6:53 pm

10,000 blog hits later

A year is how long I've been blogging and in many ways, blogging has been a lot more fun for me than writing stories, which is actually very difficult for me.

But blogs are pretty easy. I just write about what I feel like writing about. At first, that got me into trouble because I was drunk blogging and said some pretty stupid things. Yes, I know...hard to believe, right? LOL. But then I came to realize that it was a way to talk about things that are important or fun or interesting or sexy. At least to me.

But you told me that what I was saying was at least somewhat interesting to many of you, as we could keep in touch that way. I've also found it therapeutic, as I've been able to talk about my issues and much of the heart felt advice I've received was very well taken and has made a positive difference in my life.

And something else: even if you're in denial about certain behaviors, there's nothing like seeing your hi risk lifestyle up there for everyone to read, to make you aware that something is wrong and needs to change. I'm talking about excessive drinking, drunk driving, racing fast cars on city streets and picking up strangers for sex. I thought that stuff was pretty cool. OK, it was pretty cool but it was also dangerous as hell and blogging about it and your feedback to my blogs made me look at what I was doing and want to change it. I know, I know....pretty boring for someone who's been described as a sexual fantasy.

Oh and one more thing: 10,000 is more than twice as many hits as I've had on my most popular posting. Guess that makes my blogs a lot more interesting than my stories. LOL.

It's a fun hobby, ain't it?