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Mf or MF, That Is The Question

March 24, 2011
Posted at 8:53 am

When I arrive at the point of coding some my stories, I have an intellectual/emotional problem. You see, when Mr. Marcus deflowers a young lady who is having her 18th birthday that day, her age is on the cusp at the time his cock is in her cunt. Is she a grown, mature woman? Nope, just turned. Is she a little girl? Nope, not after Mr. Marcus finishes with her.
I've gotten emails that some of my stories are miscoded when I use 'Mf'. Just for the record, I put newly-turned 18 year olds in the 'Mf' camp, despite the technicality that they just turned 18. If this causes you displeasure or excess stomach acid, please use a marker and write a capital 'F' on your screen to change the code. Or, having read this explanation, take my coding with a grain of salt. All better, or at least all explained. My apologies.