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March 21, 2011
Posted at 7:20 pm

SOL Relationships

Of all the things that I've experienced here since my first story post, the most surprising has been the relationships. I wasn't expecting that at all. Many have been sexual but not all.

I've had several mommies (you know who you are), a number of daddies (you, too), two sisters (well three, if we count Sunny), a few grandfathers, an AA encounter, one adventure (Ashley Dumont), countless shrinks and many friends. Of course "relationship" excludes the assholes, like the guys who send me links to ass fucking or eating shit or the idiot who was using my incest stories as a primer for seducing his 13 year old daughter. All of it cyber.

Yes, I've been slutty. I admit it. Cyber slutty. Who knew it would be so much fun. But the orgasms are real. Very real. When someone describes how they're jerking off or masturbating while reading my stories or fantasized about me….the rush I get is real. The turn ons that produces for me are real. Writing back to them is real.

There's laughter and humor at reading one another's jokes or foibles. That's real. As real as laughing at a scene on a TV show in your living room.

But what's even more surprising are the feelings that are generated. People sharing their lives, sometimes in intimate detail. Sure, cyber allows us to say pretty much anything we want, with the internet offering us anonymity but not everyone chooses to take advantage of that…just some of us. And you start to care about people and you can actually open your heart to someone. I know. It happened to me. And just like in a "normal" relationship, things can get confused and crazy. But the point is, we feel. Happiness, sadness, concern. It's all real.

Sometimes it gets carried to an extreme, like with Ashley Dumont and her dares. How she roped in Candy to get involved with her dares or the various men around the world, whose hearts she played with. I didn't think it was possible. Now I know better.

It blurs the lines between reality and fantasy and makes you question what is reality in the first place. In theater it's called a willing suspension of disbelief and if we apply it to the internet, what's it matter who we may or may not be? It's all real if we allow it to be.

Cyber love and reality,