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"You Cannot Pee Alone"

March 15, 2011
Posted at 10:16 pm

I was planning to kill Katy off. It was her destiny, her fate, inescapable. But when it came time, I just couldn't do it. Couldn't kill her. She's luckier than she will ever know. Hopefully I transformed it into a happier but still interesting story.

So I've posted "You Cannot Pee Alone". Another Sterling weird-o story. The idea came from thinking about something obligatory and nonsexual that is so close to sexual contact it creates obvious dilemmas and temptations. So you need an opposite-sex tongue on your pee-hole to pee. I'll lose some readers who are grossed out or think I am writing a water sports story -- which it isn't. None of the characters really likes pee, though they have to tolerate it.

I write these stories for a fairly narrow audience. But even a few happy readers could make it worthwhile. But you gotta hand it to me for not writing the same old boring story that's been written a hundred times, right? I call it weird, but once I have the premise in place, I try to introduce some subtlety in the relationships between the characters.

I had fun making up an explanation for how it all came to be.

I spin a tale about pre-pubescent children trying to figure out how to have sex. I'm winging it because I can't seem to get good solid reports on what that is actually like. I will with gratitude read emails about the ways it's unrealistic.

Semen is a transformational substance. There's no doubt about it. It can transform women into pregnant women, setting in motion change with far-reaching effects (such as babies). So I write stories where it has other positive transformative effects -- guess it just appeals to me. Insemination is so much fun, why not dream it can do something even better than merely causing pregnancy?