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March 11, 2011
Posted at 5:12 pm

California Dreamin'...for spring break

I'm taking off for California for spring break with my friends.

I've never been there and I'm going mostly because so many SOL friends have told me so much about it. California is gigantic and you could probably spend a year seeing the whole state but we only have a week, so we're going to do the quicky tourist thing. We're flying into LA and we'll take in a few sights, then drive north on the Pacific Coast Highway, stop off and see Santa Barbara and the Hearst castle, then continue on to San Francisco, where we'll see a few sights there and fly home. Whew. Wish we had more time. Can always come back, right?

There's also a business reason for going out there. Freddie has an idea and I'm involved and he knows some people in LA he wants to introduce me to. More about this later. And no, I'm not taking my clothes off for

So I'll be offline for a while but I promise I'll answer emails when I get back. And BTW...this is why I was stressing so much over school. I had papers that I wanted to get finished before we left.

Go west, young girl :)

PS...about that guy. We've seen one another around school and we've talked on the phone but we haven't gone on a 3rd date. Maybe when I get back.