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Reading "Relaxing Assistance"

March 6, 2011
Posted at 3:21 pm

First of all, an apology; this story is taking much longer to write than I ever anticipated, and I'm truly sorry that I can't be a full-time writer, able to write a couple of chapters a week. I know it makes it difficult to follow the story. However, let me make a suggestion for those coming new to the story; begin with Chapter 1, and go on from there. Each chapter builds on what has gone before, so picking up the story in mid-stream, so to speak, is not just difficult, but practically impossible. Having said all that, I will try to be more regular with my postings. Your amazing feedback encourages me no end! And of course I try to include stimulation of various kinds in each chapter.

The characters in this story seem to have minds of their own, and my pen simply follows them wherever they decide to go with their lives. So - I don't know how long the story will be, nor how much time it will take to draw to a close. Hop on board for the ride, and let's see what happens next!

I do try to give you, the reader, a mixture of reactions; smiles or laughs, a little feeling of tenderness, perhaps the odd tear, and principally that altered state of consciousness called "feeling sexy".