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A Sentence in Search of an Editor

March 1, 2011
Posted at 8:34 am

Sometimes I wish I weren't such a pill. (Not that often, really ;-) But, I can't seem to help it. I just couldn't overlook the sentence below, to which my eyes were drawn while randomly scanning stories on SOL this morning.

I'm the first to admit that I've let an enormous amount of mistakes get by in my story posts here and elsewhere. But they're just that...mistakes. When I find them, or when readers point them out (which is extremely helpful), I slap my forehead and say, "Duh! Slow down or get glasses, Lauren!" But I'll bet almost anything that the author who penned this little gem would look at it with a satisfied smile, and enjoy a moment of self-congratulation.

"Mom! How long have you been stood there?!"

Of course, I wouldn't include the author's name in a post like this. The "who" doesn't matter. And I've already forgotten the name anyway. Besides, I would hate to see the author's inbox blitzed with requests from others wanting him or her to proof and edit their stories!