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I cum, I came, I will cum again!

February 21, 2011
Posted at 10:08 am

This is more fun than I expected. And based on the congenial emails I've been getting, people don't seem to think I'm being a bitch or a pain in the ass like they usually do when I ponder about things in a blog post. Yay!

I believe it's really about what sounds right to each of us, authors and readers alike. Defending the use of "cum" or "come" based on grammatical principles doesn't seem worthwhile to me. Our culture creates words regularly. I don't think there's much point in looking to the Oxford English Dictionary to find the roots of, "His baby mama car crib is bigger than his." But it sounds cool to millions of people.

Here's something I shared in response to an email I received this morning. I guess this is my bottom line:
"For whatever reason some words have always just bugged me. Like "cunny". It just sounds like whomever is calling a vagina that is trying to be cutesy. It grates on me. 'I cummed' just sounds like Hillbilly language to me. "Yaya Zeke...duhhhhh, I cummed raht in her dang fuck hole!' And 'I'm gonna come' says only one thing to me - "I plan to be attend." That's simply what I see on the page (screen). But at least we can have an intelligent discussion about it, eh?"

In another response yesterday I put it this way:
"To me, 'I'm going to come' just doesn't look right, and 'cummed' seems to me to belong with the host of people on various tube video sites who title videos with terms like 'analized', 'facialized' and 'big titted MILF gets dicked'. It just doesn't work for me."

Thanks for batting terms around with me!