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Thanks for the feedback

February 20, 2011
Posted at 1:07 pm

Please accept my profound gratitude for the many kind comments. And to those who catch an occasional error of historical fact or logic, thanks for that, too. I'm of an age where I need not blush; it's simply another of many recurring "senior moments."

I have learned one thing for certain: never edit a chapter while tired. Let it cool for a day or two and then comb out the lice and nits. Many thanks to Lazeez of SOL for providing a "repost" facility for corrected versions.

"Pasayten Pete" was my NaNoWriMo writing project for 2010, although it was a piece that I'd begun thinking about long before that. The first half is largely autobiographical. Most of the characters are based on real people I knew. They are all dead now. The Methow Valley in Washington's Okanogan country is real, as is Wolf Creek and Virginian Ridge. Sadly, the homestead and the buildings are mostly gone. Only a half-standing pile of rotting logs and rough-sawn planks remains of the house. Oddly, the narrow, steep staircase where I gripped the Marlin .22 rifle on that night of rage is still standing. I have photographs of its remains.

I've just reposted Chapter 19 with many small corrections and edits. The story has taken a twist to focus on church abuse of children and the attempt by all levels of church authority to first deny and then cover up their obscene violation of trust. The remainder of PP will deal with this fictional depiction of a tragic reality.