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TPA hall of fame votes

February 20, 2011
Posted at 12:17 am

My passionate 1-1-1er changed his or her mind to a better score -- a much better score. I don't know why, but I guess the ability to think twice has benefits, assuming it is now closer to some ideal "real opinion".

For fun I went through all my stories for notable TPA votes.

1-1-1 Love and Conscience and Little Girls

8-1-7 Please Make Me Pregnant. True, there's no plot. There's not supposed to be. TPA doesn't have an "N/A" value. What's a person to do? Pick a 5? Or a vague "8"?

5-10-10 Precocious Pee. Guess they didn't like my pee-pee talk, but oh man was it hot and a cool idea!

2-1-3 Uteri. Almost more demoralizing than a 1-1-1, because some thought went into it. Passion controlled just enough to twist the knife? :-) Or maybe the mouse hand was shaking with emotion so much they missed the 1s they were aiming for.

1-2-4 and 1-1-1 Wearing Little Wives. This story also
earned me my one and only hate mail "You are one sick fuck". Guess it really bugs people -- but it has a high download count 4th place out of 43 stories -- and the second lowest overall score out of 43. Do people either love it or hate it? Or do they feel a perverse attraction to such an extreme fantasy they hate so much?

1-1-1 and 10-1-10. Well endowed. Again, "Plot? What plot?" My very lowest overall score.

Those are out of a total of 890 TPA votes. I think the overall conclusion is that the huge majority of my TPA voters chose reasonable values given what they are supposed to mean.