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Is Lizzie Belivable?

February 18, 2011
Posted at 8:37 am

In an effort to avoid the misinterpretation of my words, again, let me say upfront that I greatly appreciate reader feedback, and I was glad to get this question. ;-)

I received an email from a reader this week who said very nice things about my Lizzie Came story (in progress, new chapter up soon), but then stated "the ho-hum crusher," as he put it. The reader didn't believe Lizzie's age, which I placed at 19. He said that either I had doctored her age to make the character legal and that she was actually supposed to be several years younger, or that she was the most naive 19 year-old he had ever read about. Bingo to the latter.

The ironic thing about this notion is that, other than my Lauren Blue Eyes story, A Slut Like Me, I have rarely written a character that more resembled the person who inspired it. Lizzie is based on one of my daughter's friends, and not loosely based. This girl is one of the sweetest, most adorable, sexiest and most naive kids I have ever known. She's funny and quirky, she's a delight to be around, she's incredibly charming, and she's a feast for the eyes.

I admit to having had fantasies about her for more years than I should have (but nobody here will lose sleep over that, right?). Lizzie's looks were based completely on this girl. Short, small frame, big boobs that you would think would topple her, a round behind to match, small waist, nice legs, blonde hair, and a face to die for. She's the total package.

And, she is very often quite clueless. She doesn't really get that she's attractive, or magnetic. She is one of my favorite of any of my kids friends, I love her a bunch (and twisted mother that I am, I have thought about being naked in bed with her, kissing and licking her all over and making her cum like an earthquake, way too many times). But in any case, the model for Lizzie, and her age, are the real deal.

Keep the feedback coming (sincerely, please do!)