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I get taken SO seriously sometimes!

February 16, 2011
Posted at 1:23 pm

I got lots of responses to my recent blog musing about feedback from readers starting with "Too bad that..." I really didn't intend to give the impression that I don't like feedback, including thoughts from readers on what they would like to see happen in my stories. But that's how a number of people have taken my post.

I was just pointing out that the way some readers communicate those things struck me as funny! I have a sense of humor...seriously ;-) As I told one of the many people who commented on that blog post, I appreciate all feedback, even that which is negative. (And btw, I don't consider the "Too bad that x didn't fuck y" to be negative anyway.) And I reply to pretty much every single comment I receive with a "thank you for your feedback," no matter the tone of the feedback.

So, please feel free to continue to tell me who you would like to see do what to whom, and so on. Ideas and feedback from readers helps me a lot to craft new stuff. OK?