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Chosen Frozen - Title

February 13, 2011
Posted at 11:15 pm

Someone sent me an anonymous feedback about the title of Chosen Frozen.

He complained that maybe I should change the name of the story if it was an attempt at a pun on the name of the Chosan Frozen, the Korean war vets of the Battle of the Chosan Reservoir - he felt I was being disrespectful to those soldiers who gave their lives at that site. Except - it's not a pun at all, and has nothing to do with Korea, let alone that all-but-forgotten yet vitally important war.

Actually, "Chosen Frozen" is what the Canadian Forces personnel at CFS Alert have been known to call themselves - it's quite unofficial. I shamelessly borrowed the title from that.

Canadian Forces Station Alert is the northernmost permanently occupied settlement on the planet, on the northern tip of Ellesmere Island. The nearest Inuit settlement is over 700 miles south. Mind you, almost everything on the planet is "south" of CFS Alert.

And it's a title that any collection of soldiers stationed on a world of perpetual arctic weather conditions are likely to call themselves. If you want a mental picture of Thule in summer, picture CFS Alert in winter. Only with sunlight.